Valentine’s Day

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Not sure what I wanted to write about Valentine’s day. However, as I was thinking about it, something I’ve come to dislike struck me.

I’ve come to dislike what people have turned the day into and how guys are always trying to break up with their girlfriends or take a break from the relationship before February 14.

Why? Why are there memes talking about taking breaks or waiting for the girl to do the slightest wrong so that the guy can have a reason to argue with her till Valentine’s day is over?

And why do we see this day as a day where girls will be “pounded”?

In my opinion, Valentine day is a day where you show love not only to your partner but to everyone. And this includes, your friends, the less privileged, and anyone you can think of.

Now, in our world today, we’ve got a twisted notion of what showing love implies.

It does not necessarily imply sex nor does it imply giving gifts. You don’t have to sex someone or give them gifts before you can show that you love them.

Loving comes from the heart. It’s heartfelt. Love is not materialistic. Neither is it sexualisitic (yh, I got my own English word right there 😌).

Dear friend, if you see giving or receiving gifts as the only way you can show love, you’ve got to have a review about that belief.

You don’t have to go and buy gifts and pretend it’s some imaginary boyfriend or girlfriend that sent them to you. Please save your money, times are hard. Besides, no one cares.

And in a situation where there is an exchange of gifts, the gifting should not be left for the guys. Ladies need to learn how to gift their partners.

Don’t max out his card. Don’t ask for a ridiculous amount of money just because you wanna make your hair or because you wanna buy bathing soap.

I once heard of a bathing soap worth 40k and I was like “40k?! Haba!”

Now, it’s not bad to use a soap of 40k if you’ve got the means. Simply put, set your priorities right.

If possible be independent, be your own woman. Don’t be a liability or a leech, sucking him dry. Hmmm…This might be another day’s topic 🤔

Moving on, all these and more are the reasons why guys have seen ladies as objects to be bought. Their belief now is that once the lady is given a little incentive, she lays down on her back and gives out a priceless gift. Smh

Valentine is just one day anyway. It’s gonna come and go. But you’re gonna have to live with the consequences of what you did for a long long time.

Stay safe dear friend. Think about what you’ve read and enjoy the day ✌

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