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First of all, let me say this

Dear single friend, before you go into that relationship, just know that relationship is work and can be stressful. And if you don’t manage yourself well, you will consider running away almost everyday 🙂. Yep, just trying to be realistic here.

Now that that’s out of the way, don’t be scared to enter a relationship, well you can be a little scared, I mean who are we kidding 😏 you’re gonna be someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend. That’s work! However, don’t let your fear stop you from loving someone, it’s a good thing to love and be loved.

Now, here is one thing I’ve learned, thanks to one of my best friends 😉

Don’t put a label on your relationship. Don’t say she’s my girlfriend or he is my boyfriend so I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to do that. Or he’s my boyfriend, so we’ve got to talk everyday even to the point of trying so hard to fix awkward silences. Or she’s my girlfriend so things have to be perfect between us. No no no

You’ll stress yourself out that way.

See your boyfriend or girlfriend as your friend. For someone to be your friend means the person has passed through the acquittance stage and you love that person enough to see him/her as your friend.

I know you might be thinking “but your partner is supposed to be your best friend” Yes, you are absolute right. But I’ve not heard of anyone that became best friends with someone in one day. Have you?

It’s a process. Befriend your partner first and then start the process of going from friends to good friends to best friends.

As time goes on, you two will go from friends to good friends to best friends. And we all know how we feel about our best friends.

I know how free I can be with my best friends. I can tell them anything. We can insult each other from morning till night and still love each other cos we know that we are just joking around.

When you hear something and you wanna tell someone, your best friend will be one of those you want to tell first. Right or wrong?

You don’t wanna hurt your best friend, at least I know I don’t. So when we fight, we try to make up as quickly as possible. I mean who are you gonna feel free with? Who are you gonna talk about your day with? Who are you gonna tell what’s bothering you? Who are you yab, jab and whyne?

Life is gonna be so much easier if you see your boyfriend or girlfriend as your best friend.
You’ve got the assurance that even if you and your best friend don’t talk for days or weeks when you get back together, it will be like you guys never stopped communicating.

So dear friends, stop seeing your partner as a “special candidate”. Someone you need to act all perfect for. Perfection can be boring.

It’s true you’ve got to read books on how to be a better partner and all. Don’t overlook that. But keep things simple. Work on yourself, develop yourself and see your partner as your best friend.

Errrr…I know it’s easier said than done 😅 but it’s not impossible. So…💪


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