Never Do This

Never let the sun go down over your anger

It’s tuesday! Welcome back to 🤗

We are gonna talk about misunderstandings today. There’s a short story coming right up!

A few days ago, my boyfriend and I were  able to resolve an issue that was starting to sink our ship #relationship

Apparently, I’ve been doing something that had been causing him pain. On the day the issue was resolved, I was sleepy.  He made a statement casually but I was able to read the message behind the message (you’ve got to learn how to read the message behind messages if you want to communicate effectively).

Moving on, when he mentioned that statement, I realised that I had been wrong.

Now, remember I said I was sleepy, I had two options. One, I could have decided to go to sleep and leave the issue unresolved. Two, I could have decided to trash out the issue and make things OK.

Now, there will be times when you’d feel too fagged out to respond to some issues but you’ve got to be able to differentiate the ones that need your urgent attention and the ones that can wait till the morning. Work on developing yourself in this area.

I chose to do the latter. We talked. Why? I’ve come to understand that the greatest asset you have is your mind. It’s like fire, a great servant but a terrible master.

If you leave your mind to paint pictures and make decisions without your conscious effort, it might turn out bad. Especially when it comes to relationship. Because instead of talking about it with your partner, your mind goes ahead to make one sided conclusions without the input of your partner and that can leave you feeling bitter and uncertain about the way your partner feels about you.

As I was saying, we talked about it, one thing led to another and the crack in the ship was fixed.

If there’s something you’re gonna leave here with, it’s this. Learn to talk about your feelings with your partner. Don’t just talk to him or her, talk with him or her. There’s a difference. Know how they feel, you might be surprised that what they are thinking is not the picture your mind had painted.


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