Hi! Welcome to ourreaction.com 🙂

This site is owned by a thinker who hates feeling confined and who loves to write.

However, I can’t say what I truly feel in public. Yh, you can call me a coward if you wanna. We all have a bit of cowardice in us 😌

I tend to get stressed when I am in social situations. I very much prefer when I am alone with my thoughts or when I am with one or two of my close friends than when I am with a group of people.

Can’t say sure I’m sure about what this blog is all about. Because when people ask “so what is your blog all about?” They tend to want a one word answer.

However, I’d say that this is an online journal of my thoughts. Like I said earlier, I’m a thinker and I love to write.

When I was about to start this blog, I read a bunch of stuff about blogging. And it was depressing when 90% of the posts I read were telling me to pick a niche and follow my passion.

Like, pick a niche? Follow my passion?! I’m trying to discover myself here and all you’re talking about is niche.

I tend to change my mind frequently and just go with whatever inspires me. So today I might talk about movies or music, tomorrow, it might be books and another day, it might be relationships or life in general.

However, be rest assured that whatever I talk about or react to on this site will be value oriented. Meaning, no post would be a waste of time ☺.

Let’s talk!