A Day To Election; My Experience As A Corper

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Let’s talk about my experience as a corper a day to this year’s election.

Where do I start from? Hmm…πŸ€” I should probably start from how we were told to come to inec office by 9am, then while preparing to leave, we were told that it had been shifted to 11am?

Or should it be from when we got to the office and we were made to sit and stand outside in the sun for hours?πŸ€”

Or maybe I should start from when an inec official came out of the office to talk to us after hours of sitting and standing in the sun. And the “talk” was about things we already knew. Yep, I think I’ll start with that.

After receiving the “training” (a.k.a. “the talk”), we were told to come for, we were told that the “sensitive materials” we were waiting for would arrive by 5pm in the evening.

Sensitive materials? Yh, the materials for the election (ballot paper, boxes and the likes)

Some corp members went back to the lodge, some decided to endure a little longer cos as at that time, we had about 2 more hours before 5pm.

I went to the lodge which was about 30 to 40 minutes walk from the inec office. Because I was hungry and I could not come and go and die, I went to the corper’s lodge to put something in my stomach.

On getting home, I freed myself from the khaki and shoes that made my legs feel as tho I had been carrying cement bags all day.

After eating, I reluctantly got ready to leave. It took a buck load of willpower to leave the lodge. Had to carry an overnight pack cos we were told that from the inec office, we’d move straight to polling unit, spend the night there and wake early to prepare for the election.

After getting to the office, we were madeΒ to sit and stand for hours.

5pm came and the clock kept crawling it’s way to 11pm. Around 11pm, the long awaited materials came through and then the process of “counting and sharing” began.

By then it was extremely cold and I greatly pitied those that did not come with a cardigan or a blanket probably because they thought we won’t be there for that long.

Meanwhile, around 12am this morning, we started hearing rumors of the postponement of the election. But the inec officials kept silent and said nothing about it.

By 1am this morning, the process of counting and sharing was still going on, while we had sleep deprived humans who were going through the process of transforming into ice blocks.

When it got to my polling unit’s turn, we were given the materials and we were like, is this what we had to wait a whole day for?

Let’s now move the saddest part of it all; the mode of transportation.

It was bad enough that we were dried and frozen the whole day, but what was worse was that…hmmmm…how do I put this? πŸ€”

Picture the way cows are transported from one state to another. You know that truck that’s usually used to transport cows? Yes! That was our mode of transportation in a weather that felt like 0% Celsius!

Not just that, we had to cram ourselves in like yams. Some people were not able to sit down. I had to stand after a while cos I was just too uncomfortable sitting.

And guess what, we got to know that the government had actually given inec #3000 transport fee for each corper. I guess that amount was only good enough for a cow-like mode of transportation.

Moving on, after sitting/standing in the truck for close to an hour, we had to get down cos we finally got to know that the election had been postponed.

Imagine the atmosphere and the moods of all the people that had been made to go through the above narration. Yep! Let your imagination create a picture of despair, anger, sadness and near riot.

After knowing that there was going to be no election, we demanded to collect our long over due money. Which was the training fee we were promised.

You see, we had to go through about 5 trainings in preparation for this election. And we were yet to be given the money we were promised.

After demanding for it, we were given. And that process took hours. Which meant more hours of transforming into ice blocks.

Oh, the fee is not one big amount. It’s a peanut-like sum. It’s not even up to 5k.

And from there, we began the journey back to the lodge we camped at and from there to our place of primary assignment.

Did I mention we had to travel from where we were based to the place where we converged? Yh, we travelled.

After struggling to get a cab to take us (myself and my fellow Corp members that are in the same place of primary assignment), we finally got “home”.

And that, my dear friends is a watered down account of what most Corp members nationwide went through on February 15/16, 2019.

It’s really sad yh? You know, the saddest thing is that this experience might repeat itself again a day to the newly proposed date of the election. Like, what are we doing in this country?


Stay safe dear friends ✌

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