I Needed A Break

I needed a break, yes I did. I needed to pull myself together and figure out what I want.

During this break, I realized that what I’ve always wanted was to bring people together and rub minds with them.

When I started this blog in 2018, I started with high hopes. Along the way, things got messy (I’m not gonna share the details of the mess *grins* 😏) and I lost interest. Or better still, I was at lost on how to fix it and so the flame of the vision dimmed and turned to smoke.

But here I am picking up the pieces and moving on 😁

So, what is this blog standing for? A site where we can talk and learn about anything that inspires. But I’ve got a fear, I don’t like talking much because being boring scares me. But we’ve got to face our fears right? So here I am facing my fear 😊

How are we going to talk about anything that inspires?

Simple! I’ll point out something that I’ve noticed or thought about, I tend to thing about things a lot 😌. It might be accompanied by a story. Then we’d talk about it and learn.

Let’s talk!


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